"Innovation distinguishes the leaders of the followers". Steve Jobs was clear that being the first of the class "has nothing to do with how many dollars in R & D you have", but  The Catalan capital enters the top 30 of the best tech cities in the world in the ranking developed by the real estate consultant, but it does so in the 21st position. There is still room to improve,  If we want a successful city, we have to solve the process of accessing housing. And not only that. There are still bureaucratic masses, the salaries of programmers are low to compete with cities like Berlin or Amsterdam and there are spaces for entrepreneurs, especially in the center of the city


In fact, Barcelona is the only city in Spain that enters the ranking and, of the 30 cities studied, 10 are Asian, six of which are Chinese. Only three positions below Barcelona, ​​there is Shenzhen, the city where Huawei products are manufactured. A city that is on the agenda, after Google vetoed the Chinese brand and this means that its smartphones are no longer compatible with the Android operating system. If Shenzhen enters the ranking it is precisely thanks to the appearance of this company in 1988. The objective was, according to former Chinese president Deng Xiaoping "turn it into a city of the future”.


However,  the highest technology city is New York. According to Savills Aguirre Newman, it is, above all, because of its business environment and the technological environment, which are the points where it gets the most score. Access to and from talent in the business world triumphs in the city of skyscrapers. In addition, it also stands out for the strong presence of financial, media and advertising businesses and the large number of startups that are hosted there.


Meanwhile, Barcelona still has a way to go, although it has advanced a lot in the innovation race. The research director of Savills Aguirre Newman, Paul Tostevin,  defends that the main strengths of Barcelona are the quality of life, the business environment or the possibility of to ride a bike or walk the city.